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Whilst Mum made my fuzzy, wuzzy, bobbly, itchy jumpers from her knitting machine, Dad was diligently drawing in his studio. My parents are my endless inspiration and a love of creativity runs through our veins.

The Dougal Lifestyle

Growing up in the country I was always out in the garden and paddocks exploring the farm, whether it be yabbying or gardening with Mum. From an early age I had a strong appreciation for nature, slowing down and being with family.

I am so proud to be working with my Dad on this project and I dearly love the chatter and energy of collaboration. There’s endless banter and we just work well together.


Manufacturing & Materials

We create our garments both within Australia and also in China. Our Australian manufacturer works out of a small shed near Ballarat and has been lovingly crafting our garments for over 10 years. Where possible, we choose to manufacture locally to support our grass roots.

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